Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Pack Rat

When our family moved recently, we sifted through a lot of stuff. It was a time of major purging. We seem to be somewhat of pack rats.
I had at least eighty thousand stuffed animals that were sitting untouched in my closet. I also had a bunch of random stuff that I had kept for various obscure, trivial reasons. You know the kind of things I'm talking about: the miscellaneous objects, the little knick-knacks you have too many of, the useless items that anyone else would describe as junk or garbage. So I went through things and got rid of a lot.
And the scary thing is, some of my stuff never got unpacked from the previous time we moved. Somewhere out there is a shoe box filled with Pokemon cards, a dreamcatcher my brother made for me, some posters, and other things which have not seen daylight for several years. I don't even remember all of what's missing anymore. Some of the stuff will be kept when I find it and sort through it, but I'm sure a lot of it will be things that I don't need or want anymore, and ultimately will be sold or donated.
Even now, I seem to have a bit of the pack rat remaining. There are little boxes beneath my bed that have random stuff in them. There's an MP3 player I hardly use, a set of portable speakers that have the sound quality of tin cans, and a few small figurines. I also seem to have more cords than anyone could possibly need. Chargers, USB cords, and more litter my room. Why are there so many different sizes of USB ports? It makes life more complicated than need be. And then there's a container filled with random things, most of which would be classified as trash. I keep it in case I do a craft project at some point, and the random junk is still waiting to be used.
I look through some of the random stuff every once in a while, just in case I change my mind about anything. At the moment I have a ton of stuff hidden in my closet that I plan to eventually get rid of. If anyone wants it, please contact me at 1212 Packrat Lane. 

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