Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Unrealistic Romantic Fantasies

Let's face, most people have them. We don't always want to admit that they're unrealistic or unreasonable, but nonetheless, they are. Below is a list of high expectations we often succumb to.
And for my future spouse, you'd better pay close attention to this list, so you can whip yourself into shape. I also expect you to know which things I made up, and which ones apply to me.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Being Single on Valentine's Day

Ah, Valentine's Day. A time when we're surrounded by white, pink, and red. A time when there are hearts, little stuffed bears/dogs/anything cute, flowers, and candy. For some people, this means buying trinkets and booking a reservation at a fancy restaurant.
Others, however, have no lover to reserve a table for, nobody to give a box of chocolate to. Maybe they're fine with this, or perhaps they're not. It could be they just went through a terrible breakup. Perhaps the relationship was destined not to be, and now their lover is frozen in ice and they've decided to become a nun. Or maybe they've never been in a relationship, and long for the day when someone looks their way.
Whatever the reason might be, here are some great responses for why you're not doing anything this Valentine's Day.

Store shelves lined with Valentine-themed stuffed animals

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Signs You're a Music Addict

Are you in love with music? Are you incapable of going more than five seconds without hearing a pleasant tune or epic beat? Then you may be a music addict. For more information on music addiction, consult this list below.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Cat of Many Deaths

To begin this post, I might explain that there's a game called 'Untold Tales', based on the 'Warriors' series by Erin Hunter. In the game, you can play as a Clan cat, a rogue, or become a kittypet.
That being said, it's story time. Recently, I had a dream in which I was playing this game. Along with hunting about a billion mice at one point, I got into a fight with some enemy cats. They proved too strong for me, and I had to flee. They chased me across two or three squares of the map (which they wouldn't do in the actual game) before I finally lost them. From there, I tried to get a safe place where no enemies would appear. I planned to wait for nightfall there, when I could sleep and thus regain some of my health.

Screenshot- gray cat at nest, with sleep option inaccessible due to it being daytime in-game.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Things We Never Accomplish

Throughout our lives, we come across things that make us think, "That's so awesome, I'd like to do that." But how often do we actually go through with these things? Today, I've decided to explore some of those things we say we're going to do, but often don't. (And no, I don't mean the load of laundry I haven't folded and put away yet. We're pretending that doesn't exist.)