Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Child's Christmas

I recall being a young child, and really looking forward to Christmas. I looked forward to the music, the television shows, and movies that were about Christmas. I enjoyed it when we put up the tree and decorated it. In class, we would do fun projects like making holiday-themed craft projects. Often we wrote letters to Santa as an assignment.
I recall my first grade teacher telling me she would send the letters we wrote home to our parents. I was skeptical; weren't the letters supposed to be sent to Santa Claus, up in the North Pole? She told me that she would copy all the letters, sending the original to our parents and the printed copy to the North Pole. Even then, some part of me wasn't sure if she would really do that.
Every winter, I hoped that it would snow where I lived. It's only happened a few times over the many years, but nevertheless, you gotta have dreams.
I recall some of the things that I've requested for Christmas over the years. Pokemon and Barbie was always appreciated. And I remember for a long while, I wanted a Poo-chi. I was rather happy when I finally received one. Later on, I also became a big fan of Neopets. At one point in time, I had interactive toys, stuffed toys, plastic figurines, and magazines. I also liked getting books for Christmas. I've been an avid reader since forever. In fact, some of my ultrasound pictures probably show me holding a book. And when I was born, I was clutching a Dr. Seuss story in my hands.
I recall many instances of sitting on Santa's lap, telling him what I wanted for Christmas. I remember one time when I was telling Santa what I wanted. He looked somewhat confused when I mentioned that I wanted Neopets toys.
What on Neopia is a kacheek? the man dressed as Santa thought silently as I prattled on.
On Christmas Eve, I could never sleep well. I was too excited, and so it took me forever to sleep. Even then, I woke bright and early and tried to drag my family out of bed as soon as possible. Of course, they wanted to sleep. But when you're a kid who wants to open gifts, you're relentless.
Like a lot of kids, I was happy about the toys and the books, but often wasn't very excited about clothes. Socks? I want a stuffed dog, and a Barbie doll, and a comic book, and some chocolate! Of course, if it's clothing for my Barbie, then I'll be happy about it. My friend says that there's a sort of irony about clothing for Christmas. When you're a kid, you get clothes and aren't enthusiastic. When you get to be older and are grateful to receive clothes, you oftentimes don't get clothes for Christmas.
It was always sad to see Christmas end. The tree and all the other wondrous decorations went away. The holidays are something you wish would last forever. But they do end. So the holiday decor goes into its boxes, the time of Christmas carols and holiday specials ends, and the children all wait impatiently for next December.

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