Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Twilight Saga Brain Drain

Just about everyone has heard of the 'Twilight' saga by Stephanie Meyer. And just about everyone has an opinion of it, whether positive or negative.
This Wednesday, we're going to explore an interesting aspect of the series. Now, a lot of books have technically covered this, and the ways an ability can be misused, but the 'Twilight' saga provides some good examples (plus it's the series that was in my head to begin with), so we're focusing on it.
Now, on to what I'm prattling on about. In the series, vampires are immortal beings, and they have superhuman strength and speed, along with heightened senses. Their mental abilities are also enhanced, so they can think and learn quickly, and they never have to sleep. An ability or personality trait is magnified when they become immortal; in example, Edward Cullen can read minds, and Esme Cullen has a strong ability to love.
Sounds pretty cool, right? Except for that powerful bloodlust, I mean. But let's explore how the vampires in 'Twilight' use their abilities.

'Twilight' saga novels

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Procrastination in Writers

Why it takes so long for writers to finish things, explained.

  1. Avoid opening manuscript.
  2. Invent any and every excuse to procrastinate. You have to check social media. You want to hear this song one more time.
  3. Load file, then see that plot point you're afraid won't work out well.
  4. Hide on Twitter.
  5. Work on outline, then reach the scene where horrible things happen to the main character.
  6. Feel bad because he's so miserable.
  7. Waste an hour on Twitter.
  8. Waste another hour on Twitter.
  9. Waste your whole life on Twitter.
  10. Get no books written.
  11. Die unpublished.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Reasons Not To Get Out of Bed

There are morning people, and then there are people who appreciate the softness of a good mattress, the warm snuggly feeling of being enveloped by blankets, the bliss of a nice pillow. Below are some good excuses reasons not to leave that wondrous, luxurious thing.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Envelope

A friend of ours got a huge envelope in the mail from medical insurance. She feared opening it, worried there were huge forms that would take forty years to fill out. Finally, she couldn't take it any more. She had to know, and so she opened the dread object.

Two-inch-thick package

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

'Book Habit and Currently Reading' Questionnaire

I have been tagged again in a post! About eight hundred years ago, Deborah Kelty wrote a Q&A blog post, and invited me to do the same. I then started this post, couldn't think of great answers for some of the questions, and left it sitting in my drafts. And now I finally made myself finish, so here we go.