Wednesday, December 3, 2014


There are many unsolved mysteries in the world. One of these mysteries have to do with things like string lights, power cords, and jewelry chains.
You get out the vacuum cleaner. It was put away nicely, the cord neatly wrapped around the canister. But when you prepare to use it, you realize the cord has a knot in it. How?
You put the Christmas lights away carefully. The next year, you take out the box, and they're a jumbled mess. How?
You have a stand that you hang your necklaces on. You accidentally knock it over and it falls to the ground. When you pick it up again, all of the chains are wound together and tied in knots, a nearly impossible puzzle to solve. How?
This is my theory: gremlins. The tiny, invisible creatures sneak in when you're not looking. They get into the box of Christmas lights and tangle things up. They gather around your vacuum cleaner and tie the cord in a knot. They all pounce when your jewelry stand falls, and in a matter of seconds, they wind everything together in a confusing, complex manner.
If there's anything scientists should study, it's this: the reasons behind how things get so tangled up. Seriously. It defies all the laws of physics and impenetrable tangled messes, so obviously it has to be gremlins. We need to know how to get rid of these little gremlins, or else train them to use their skills to good use instead of for driving people batty.

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