Friday, December 5, 2014


I have a friend who I often tease about being easily distracted by shiny things. There's a rather funny story behind that, but I fear what she might do to me if I revealed the tale, so I won't explain.
Then again, I also have another friend who apparently is easily distracted by rain. Her mother was talking on the phone, and she heard her mom mention hearing rain. She was so excited at the prospect of rain, she leapt up from her chair and knocked it over.
I suppose if you asked my friends and family what I was easily distracted by, they would probably say 'sugar' or 'animals'. Many funny stories stem from the times when I ate large amounts of sugar and became hyper. And of course, I always seem to wind up petting dogs, cats, and other such creatures.
I suppose everyone has something that tends to draw their attention away. It's like the dogs in the Disney movie 'Up'. They get so easily-
What was I saying?

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