Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Late Night Scares

A group of girls were at a sleepover, and they were all telling scary stories in the dark .After a while, they were all thoroughly creeped out, to the point where no one wanted to walk down the dark, spooky hallway to the bathroom alone.
So one girl escorted the other through the hall. As they approached, the second girl thought, Hey, wouldn't it be funny if I pretended to be pulled into the bathroom by something? Upon reaching the door, she acted like something was dragging her in. Her horrified escort shrieked and ran for her life down the hall.
Good to know you have a brave protector if something happens, right?

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Guide Cats

While taking the online DMV practice test, I saw an interesting question.

The primary traveling aids for a blind person include:

One of the multiple-choice answers is "a red cane and a trained guide cat". Now, how many people have seen a trained guide cat? I sure haven't. In fact, I haven't seen many people walking their cat at all, save for on television. And even less of those cats were actually walking on the leash. But seriously, people, don't drag your poor cat across the ground. Unless you want to be a scratching post later, or find cat poop in your shoe.
Of course, some people have actually got their feline to walk with them on a leash. Now you can parade around town, showing off your beautiful tabby, or Siamese, or whatever the case might be.

Cat on halter and leash