Friday, December 19, 2014

Journey of a Thousand Miles

I was going to vacuum today, so I started moving a few things off the floor to make the process easier. Then I decided that I could put a few things into the back of my closet to make my room feel less cluttered. After that, I figured I ought to dust a few things, especially my dust collector computer table. Then I decided to organize some of the things on the shelf of my computer table, and get rid of some stuff I didn't need or want anymore. Finally, I actually did the task I originally planned: vacuum the house. Once finished with that, I grabbed my hamper, computer chair, and other stuff I removed from the floor, and put all back.
My room looks a bit different now. The floor is clean, my desk is less dusty, my monitor is shinier, and the space where clutter once was is empty and looks bigger.
Now that everything is done, now that I've worked and worked, now that I'm tired, I'm going to relax until my room becomes so horrible that slime drips from the ceiling.
And then I'll start the process all over again.

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