Friday, December 12, 2014


It's been raining off and on for a while now. Today it was fantastic. It wasn't going to rain today. Oh no, it was going to POUR. There was also plenty of wind at the house, and random objects in the yard began to travel. I went outside and threw away a ton of useless junk that served no purpose other than to be an eyesore and be blown across the United States.
When we went shopping today, the rain followed. increasing its output until great oceans puddles formed everywhere. You walked outside for a few minutes, and you were soaked. We came home and it was still raining. We went into the kitchen and we heard it pounding against the skylight. I sit in my room typing this, and I hear it outside my window. I told Mom we ought to start building an ark.
Our phones are out right now. Whenever the rain becomes plentiful, the dial tone is replaced by the sound of wet weather.
Anyway, I'd better start on that ark. Already the animals are starting to arrive. I hope those two mountain lions are friendly...

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