Sunday, January 14, 2018

How to Design a Home

So we agonize over the perfect things for our home. What will look good? What things will be super-cool, epically awesome, infinitely memorable...
Anyway, to help you with your decision-making, here are some ideas for decorating.

Carved dragon bench.
This bench is perfect for sitting on, or for companionship. It loves having its head stroked. Also useful for deterring criminals and eating intruders.

Huge sculpture made from pieces of recycled tires.
Lion sculpture made from recycled tires.

About to install new carpet, kids draw chalk outlines of bodies on concrete beneath.
Give future homeowners a surprise.

Disco lamp shaped like a shark.
Perfect for parties with an underwater theme.

Cabinet with $2000 in it. Worth: $1500-$1700
A real bargain...

House layout with enormous library.
If you're obsessed with books, you need this layout.

Lots of enormous bookcases. "I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO READ"
Lots of bookcases.

House with weird-looking exterior. "It looks like the real-life version a video game graphics glitch."
The most horrifying, creative exterior ever. Warning: may drive OCD neighbors mad.

House with catwalks, shelves, cat trees, etc. throughout.
The more cats, the merrier.

Guy lives next to airport. Painted "Welcome to Cleveland" on roof to confuse passengers flying overhead. Lives in Milwaukee.
How to mess with people's minds...

Two couches pushed together to make 'mega comfy living room nest'.
Of course, it makes things fun when you tell your guests to sit down. "Yeah, just leap over the arms of the sofas, and..."

Tablecloth that looks like house. Complete with entrance flaps.
A house within a house. Perfect for your secret clubhouse.

House painted entirely black
Pros: Snow melts quickly, and your house can told apart from the rest.
Cons: When summer arrives, it's gonna be an oven.

Wooden chair with huge carved butterfly wings and decroative antennae
You might be mistaken for a fairy while sitting on this chair.

Wood carving of dragon head
The perfect artwork for your front porch.

Chandelier with light and shadows resembling trees
Bring the forest into your home.

Room with giant cushions instead of flooring
A genuine bedroom.

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