Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Dog Clock

Ever find that the animal actually knows better than you do? Below is a conversation I had with a chihuahua a while ago.

Dog:  (sits in front of human and stares up at her)
Me:  You want to come up on my lap? (reaches down)
Dog:  (backs away)
Me:  Okay, fine. (ignores her and turns towards computer)
Dog:  Yap!
Me:  Then come over here! (reaches for dog again)
Dog:  (evades me)
Me:  Fine. I'm ignoring you.
Dog:  Yap! Grumble...
Me:  What is your problem, dog?
Dog: (thinking) It's treat time, you fool! Can't you tell time?

Nope. I'm totally clueless. Sentient intelligence is just code word for 'we think we know stuff, but we're oblivious to the universe'. And clocks are inventions to make up for our obvious lack of brilliance.
So yes, the dog tells time better than I do.

Adorable little white chihuahua with super soft fur
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