Wednesday, November 29, 2017

When Writers Try to Read

Writers have their own peculiar set of problems, including the infamous issue of their brain yammering incessantly about writing-related stuff. Anything and everything can trigger this, and before long, you find your mind going on a seemingly never-ending tangent. Please tell me I'm not the only one with this issue.

Me:  I'm going to read the fantasy book I got at the library.
Brain:  Talamadh, that's a cool name. It looks like it's derived from Scottish. I wonder if that's a real word? I should look it up later.
Me:  Okay, then.
Brain:  Oooh, Llyn. That looks familiar. I should look that up, too. I think I've seen it somewhere before.
Me:  Later on today.
Brain:  Boy, look at all this cool world-building, and all this description. Totally what I want to do with those fantasy stories.
Me:  Yeah, I know.
Brain: Should add more myths and legends, and work on developing the history. And more supernatural-type events, too.
Me:  Yeah, I'll concentrate on it later.
Brain:  Look at all the pretty Celtic!!! Which reminds me, we need to name more places.
Me:  Is it okay if I just read?!
Brain:  All right, all right. No need to get so testy.
Me:  Thank you.
Brain:  The knight drew his trusty blade and prepared to face the oncoming elves. He slew scores of them, and was lauded as a hero. The sword was placed on display, in honor of this brave and mighty feat. However, the elves weren't as happy about it. A few of them disguised themselves and sneaked in to take the sword. Many humans have speculated about what happened to the sword. The reality is, the elves smuggled it back with them and keep it in a secure place, as a bitter reminder of their ongoing feud with humans.
Me:  (gives up)

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