Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Weird Cross-overs or Combinations

In books, plays, TV shows, movies, etc., there are many different story-lines, characters, and genres. However, what if cross-overs of these were made, or certain aspects of some of them were used to create an entirely new concept? Some of these can be funny, or just plain weird.

  1. The Love Boat/ Murder, She Wrote (new concept): A television series about solving murders occurring on cruise ships. "Death, exciting and new. Come aboard, we're suspecting you. The Blood Boat...  ♪♪♫"
  2. Doctor Who/ Mary Poppins (cross-over):  "I can fit a lamp, a mirror, and a myriad of other things in this carpet bag." "Ah, but I have futuristic technology in my Tardis, and can use it to travel through time and space! Can your carpet bag do that?"
  3. Harry Potter/ Downton Abbey (cross-over):  Dark wizards and magical creatures from Harry Potter cause problems for unpopular characters from Downton Abbey. "Hmm, she was eaten by an acromantula. Let's celebrate!"  Edith: "You seem to be afflicted with the Furnunculus jinx and your face is covered in boils. Not so haughty now, are you, Mary?" 
  4. All in the Family/ Twilight Zone ep. 89 "To Serve Man" (cross-over):  The episode begins with Gloria and Michael talking about the great offers an alien is making. Edith takes interest in this as well. Being himself, Archie gripes about how it's probably a sham, and he doesn't trust those aliens. A huge argument ensues between Archie and the others. As time goes on, the Earthlings eventually grow wise to what the aliens are really doing, and it appears Archie Bunker is truly in the Twilight Zone, because he was actually right about something. Strange...
  5. Twilight Zone/ Star Trek: Voyager (cross-over):  Based upon the luck that Voyager's crew has, it won't be any different from from usual. Strange things happen to them all the time, so they're already in the Twilight Zone.
  6. Wheel of Fortune/ horror movies (new concept): A game show with a dark, grisly theme. "Wheel! Of! Torture! And here's your host, Stephen King!"

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  1. I'd love to see a Doctor Who/Mary Poppins crossover where Mary Poppins used to be the Doctor's companion.