Saturday, July 1, 2017

Library Garden

My friend and I went to the library a week or so ago. It was only about a mile away, she said, so we could just walk there. So we left, on our journey to the library. It turned out to be longer than we thought, closer to two miles, so we walked for about forty-five minutes to an hour. The best part was when we passed a rotating sprinkler. My friend saw her opportunity, and ran across. I foolishly followed her, and the sprinkler hit me in the ear. She laughed at me for a long while.
We arrived there, and the two bookworms were in heaven. I wanted to get a library card, but I didn't have an ID card. I have applied for one at the DMV, though, so when it arrives, I'm going to check out that interesting book I found and started reading, along with about a billion others I'm sure to discover when I explore further.
There was a garden outside the library, which my friend wanted me to see. It had tons of roses, her favorite flower, so she was happy. And it smelled wonderful, too. I had brought my camera, so I proceeded to take over a hundred photos. (I'm not even kidding.) I was playing with the camera settings, seeking the perfect picture to do justice to the awesomeness. My friend got bored waiting for me, and sought refuge on her phone.
So, in classic Marta Stahlfeld style, here are a few billion of the best photos I took. If you want a better view of a picture, you can right-click the image and select 'open image in new tab'. You can also click and drag the image to the top of the browser to view it in a separate tab.

Pretty white flowers. I think they're daisies.

Clusters of small purple flowers.

Sign saying 'Bird and Butterfly Garden'. The main purpose for this garden is to introduce you to conservation efforts needed to protect some of the most beautiful creatures in our area. An attempt has been made to recreate a habitat for several butterflies native to Eastern Washington. This garden offers food, water, protective cover, and a sheltered place for birds and butterflies.

Yellow-orange flowers.

White pansies with deep purple centers.

Gorgeous pansies in varying shades of purple. Bright yellow-orange flowers.
I love the rich purple on these flowers. 

Structure resembling a tepee.

Path made from painted yellow bricks, leading to a miniature castle decoration.
Follow the yellow brick road...

Dorothy and brown bear decorations with cut-outs for face. Scarecrow, Tin Man made from cans.
Now you can be a 'Wizard of Oz' character!

Monster decoration with cut-out for face.
If your kid is a monster, why not go all the way and have them pose behind this?

Pale pinkish clusters of star-shaped flowers.

Close-up of a plant stem.
I switched to the macro lens setting for some of the close-up, detailed photos.

Close-up of herb.

Brilliant yellow-orange flowers. They remind me of those floating lanterns from the 'Tangled' movie somehow. Also has clusters of tiny white flowers.

Pale pink lilies.

Sandbox- wooden structure shaped like a small boat, sides painted blue.
A sandbox shaped like a wooden boat.

The inside of the sandbox.

Sandbox shaped like pentagon.
Here's a second sandbox.

Rose-bush with deep pink flowers.

Tiny yellow five-petaled flowers.

I love the pretty yellow and yellow-orange flowers in the garden, too.

Pale purple flowers with five petals vaguely shaped like hearts.

White roses.

Pale pinkish tree blossoms.
I took a few shots before I finally got one in focus. The wind kept rocking the branches, resulting in blurry smears of blossoms.

Large dusky pink flower.

Large dusky pink flowers in a row on a long stalk, a few feet tall.

Willow tree with bright green leaves.

Small wooden bridge with red railing.

Purple-and-yellow pansies, with butterfly yard decoration.
The butterfly is just a decoration, not a real one. For a moment, I thought it was an actual butterfly, and got so excited...

Stalks with tiny deep pink flowers.

Large deep pink flowers.
These huge pink flowers are so cool.

Pale pink rose.

Cluster of pink roses.

Bright yellow roses and pale pink rose.

Red roses.
Did I mention there were a lot of roses?

More red roses.

Pale pink rose.

Paved pathway with trellised archways and planted flowers on the sides.

Deep peach colored roses.

Pale colored roses.

Yellow-orange roses.

Lawn with large deep pink rose bush.

Paved walkway leading to a gazebo with benches.

Multi-colored roses- white, pink, and red
Multi-colored roses. They have such an interesting look to them.

If anyone wants to help identify these plants so I can better describe them (because I'm so terrific at it), let me know in the comments.

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