Monday, July 24, 2017

A Cat's Guide to Eating

I'm looking after two cats right now, and earlier one of them exhibited an interesting method of eating dinner. Make sure to show your animals this guide, as it will be helpful to them in coming up with new ways to make you shake your head at them.

  1. 'Mrow' pitifully until fed.
  2. Begin eating.
  3. Consume half of it, then sit near the other cat and watch him eat.
  4. Once the cat leaves his bowl, head towards it to finish it off.
  5. Human takes bowl away.
  6. Human sees you only ate half of your dinner, and asks, "Are you serious?"
  7. Heartbroken, approach your bowl again, even though your food doesn't taste as good as the stolen food from the other cat's bowl.

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