Wednesday, July 19, 2017

King Canine

Yesterday, I had an intriguing thought. If an important ruler were cursed and turned into an animal of some sort, how would the situation be dealt with? Would the government try to cover up that the king was now a dog? Would they make the servants swear to secrecy? And how would the family react? After all, the queen's husband now has a tail and floppy ears, and the crown prince finds the awkward situation of his father literally barking a lecture at him.
And imagine what people would have to do in order to hide this problem. Claim that the king is stepping out of public eye. If guests come over, they'd have to claim he was ill and that's why they couldn't see him.
How would the victim react to this? He can no longer speak, which he may frequently forget, resulting in people randomly being whined and barked at. Plus, the awkward change in how his meals are served. Imagine a royal dining hall with a dog sitting on a chair, front paws on the table as he eats off a plate. And no silverware, either, certainly a change from the typical dignity and etiquette of a royal. And getting used to walking on all fours could take some getting used to.

In case you're wondering where this brilliant idea came from, look no further. 

King transformed into a dog
Super Mario Bros 3, NES version. The king's so much cuter as a dog, don't you think?

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