Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Why I Write

There are many reasons why I write. Here are a few.

  1. Because a fantasy world with dragons, gryphons, unicorns, phoenixes, elves, and other such things is just awesome.
  2. If I don't release the insanity of my mind into a manuscript, it will consume me and I shall become a raving lunatic.
  3. All that sarcasm, humor, wordplay, and brilliant dialogue has to go somewhere.
  4. To experience the wondrous sensation of riding a dragon or gryphon through the air.
  5. To savor the exhilarating awesomeness of being a dragon or gryphon soaring the skies.
  6. To channel my internal info-nerd and creative artist into an amazing collaboration that results in exquisitely detailed high fantasy.
  7. Because there's a person who sits in my head all day, making up stories and what-if scenarios.
  8. Anything involving telepathic or empathic abilities is likely to be fascinating.
  9. For all the times of reading a story or watching a movie, and thinking, "Now, if I did the story, I would have it this way..."
  10. The social experiments and psychological studies involving "What if people were put in this situation? How would different individuals react if this happened to them? How would people interact with each other if..."
  11. People's confusion when they unknowingly walk through a portal. "My surroundings have changed... is that a talking eagle? Am I dreaming? Have I lost my mind?"
  12. The convenience of happening across a portal to another world when running for your life. "I don't quite know where I am, but this seems like a good place to hide. They'll never find me here!"
  13. Putting vague references in your writing, and wondering if readers will catch it.
  14. Because reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn't want to live there.
  15. Watching your character attempt climbing a vertical wall to escape a harmless grass snake.
  16. Putting unpleasant things in your character's path just to inconvenience them. Then laughing at their frustration over trivial things, like getting locked in the back of a wagon all day and ending up on a cargo ship they never intended to be on.
  17. Meeting unique characters, like a card shark who never sleeps and enjoys playing pranks like tricking people into eating seaweed.
  18. The irony or incongruity of things, like how an orphaned thief is better behaved than some of the royals.
  19. Imagining readers trying to figure out the origin of a place name in your fantasy world... or how to pronounce it.
  20. Coming up with creative or clever chapter titles.


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