Saturday, September 9, 2017

Realities of Summer

Many of us have experienced those horrid, blistering days when it's hotter than the pits of Mount Doom, hotter than the Sun, hotter than.... well, than any mortal being can hope to survive in. We've also experienced the frustrations associated with sunburn, among other related hassles. Below are some pictures that describe the joy of summer.

Thermometer- outdoor temp 158 F
What it feels like outside.

Using Chapstick that's in a hot car all day. Poor job of applying sunscreen. Ice gets stuck in the bottom of a cup and crashes down on your face. Leaning back in a beach chair before it's locked in place.
I do this with iced or blended beverages, no matter what season it is.

I'm the sun! I want to warm you up! I want to... BURN you. I want to... KILL you. Let me kill you...
Pretty much what it feels like.

Proper way to drive in summer- wear oven mitt to grip steering wheel
Nothing like a black steering wheel that's in direct sunlight. I love third-degree burns, don't you?

Lying on ground surrounded by ten fans
I hate being hot.

Man inside freezer hugging bag of ice
Finally, relief from the heat...

Melted, warped hanger.
R.I.P. hanger.

weather report- expected high in Irvine 7393 F
Finally, an accurate forecast.

TV weather forecast, listing Gadsden at high of 887 degrees Fahrenheit.
Yeah, that one pretty much describes the heat, too.

sheet of cookies baking on car's dashboard
Mmm, cookies.

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