Sunday, September 27, 2015

Typos and Other Misadventures

I started writing this fantasy story, and was really getting into it. After a couple of pages, though, I started feeling tired, and thought to myself, Maybe I should go to bed. Daylight Savings Time had recently occurred, and I had stayed up rather late the night before. Nevertheless, I really wanted to keep writing.
However, after the woman walked in and set the door on the counter, and the girl was too wary of her to sit down on the cough, I decided I should stop for the night.
Typos can create interesting results, sometimes reaching fantastic proportions. Am I the only one who has typed a word, then realized I hit all the wrong keys, in the wrong order, and created utter gobbledygook unrecognizable as the word I meant to type?
Or there are just certain typos that are easy to make, typos that are rather common. We ought to make typos such as 'sotry' into real words, just so we can say "Well, technically it's a word."
And of course, there's the fact that the 'Caps Lock' button is placed rather inconveniently, making it easy to accidentally hit it when reaching for another key. I don't know how many times I've been typing, then looked up at my screen to see an entire sentence in capital letters.
I'm also talented at occasionally reaching for Backspace and pressing F11 instead, and OpenOffice brings up a menu I didn't want. But at least I haven't mistakenly pressed the 'Self-Destruct' key yet. (Why do they make those self-destruct buttons on everything when they know cartoon characters are so clumsy?)
However, some of the mistakes made are simply because our brain messed up. Setting the door on the counter just can't be excused as an error in typing. Nor can the infamous typing the same words twice in in a row. Despite how frustrating these errors can be, though, you have to admit that some of them are worth a laugh.

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