Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Finicky Doorknob

Back when my brother was a baby, my parents had a couple of friends, Tino and Timmy.
Once when Tino and Timmy were visiting my parents at the house, Timmy had to use the bathroom. My mother began to explain that the doorknob was rather persnickety. You had to jiggle it a certain way to get it to open. But Timmy wasn't listening, insisting he would be able to deal with the door.
Timmy left, and the others continued chatting with each other. After a while, they began to wonder why Timmy had been gone so long. Then they heard a small, whispering voice. "Tino. Tino!"
It was Timmy, trying to discreetly get his friend's attention, as he was unable to open the door and was trapped in the bathroom.

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