Tuesday, April 21, 2015

'Graystone' Has Arrived

So, I finally got the book I've been so eager to read. After ordering it online with one of the many gift cards I've accumulated, I waited with bated breath for the wonderful story to arrive. When we checked the mail today, there was a package which had a shipping and return address handwritten on it. Upon seeing 'Darkwoods Inc.' as the return address, I cried, "Yes!"
Upon getting into the house, I eagerly peeled away the clear duct tape and opened the package. Inside, I found 'Graystone', the third book of the 'Darkwoods series' by Marta Stahlfeld. The book was also signed by the author on the inside, which I found rather cool.
I also enjoyed the unique way the protective wrapping for the book was sealed. I will now associate the book and the author with 'Angry Birds' duct tape.

foam sleeve for protecting book during shipping, sealed with 'Angry Birds' tape
foam sleeve for book, with 'Angry Birds' tape

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