Thursday, March 12, 2015

Large and Small Dogs

My aunt has a German Shepherd and a chihuahua. They bought large tennis balls for the German Shepherd, and smaller balls for the chihuahua.
Ironically, the larger dog seemed to like the tiny balls, chewing and slobbering on them, and sometimes leaving huge teeth marks with her powerful jaws. The chihuahua, on the other hand, was determined to carry around the tennis balls, her tiny mouth stretched wide to accommodate their large size.
It's almost as if the German Shepherd thought she was a small dog, and the chihuahua thought she was a large dog. And of course, the chihuahua also thinks she's as intimidating as a three-headed, fire-breathing Irish Wolfhound, when in reality she's the size of an ant and produces high-pitched yaps. It really terrifies the people who walk down the street, or the strangers that pull up into the driveway. If they're afraid of an adorable lap dog, that is. Funny how some dogs act like that, completely opposite of what you think a dog of their size would behave. 

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