Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My Week, volume I of XXXVI

For quite a while, various people have suggested I start a blog. Since I constantly seem to have monologues and interesting thoughts running through my head, I figured this was a good idea. So now I've started a blog, and sometimes I can't think of anything to write for a blog post. Go figure.

Anyway, the last week has been somewhat eventful. My friend invited me to the Trick or Trunk. Since it was raining that day, I brought a coat that was waterproof and had a hood. And of course, the one coat that's waterproof and has a hood is also the really thick one that weighs forty pounds. And after that careful planning, it turned out that the Trick or Trunk was going to be held in the gym because of the rain. So really, the coat was overkill- beyond overkill.
I was going to be at the booth the church had set up, so I wore my t-shirt from the last VBS (Vacation Bible School), and various other things to make me look more like a secret agent, which was the theme at VBS. It turned out there were more people there than were needed to had out the candy, so when I got there, I stood around thinking, Uh, now what?
I talked to a few people, some of which I hadn't seen in a while. The gym was fairly dark, except for a few lights from the booths, the light in the kitchen, and the glow sticks some of the people were carrying. Plenty of kids came by the booth for candy, some of them coming back multiple times in the hope they would get more. Very sneaky, but we know you've already been here.
After the event was pretty much over, Alyssa led Sarah and I over to the stage, where a man in a costume was at. Whenever someone approached, he would jump out and yell. When we got there, he did his bit, and I proceeded to laugh as Alyssa tried to get Sarah to take the candy from his hands, when that was the last thing Sarah wanted to do. This is also why Sarah shouldn't go into haunted houses.
When I got home, I laid down in my lovely bed and fell asleep listening to the awesome rain. What can I say, I like rain. And seeing as there hasn't been much rain lately, it's especially wonderful.

Over the last week, I've also decided to write some of those short story ideas that pop into my head but I never write them. Based on the fact that one of the stories is well over five thousand words long, and I'm still not done, things could take a while. What can I say, my short stories aren't very short a lot of the time. In school, the teacher would tell us to write a story that had to be a minimum of two pages long, and I handed in something that was a few pages long. It's when there's a limit on how long it can be, that I often began to flop and gasp like a dying fish that's been taken out of water. Come on, a story that can't exceed a page? No!!!
As I look at some of my more recent story ideas, it also occurs to me that my mind has entered a realm of fantasy story creatures. Somehow I started a story about elves and a unicorn, and a story that included griffins. Apparently my mind has also hit a theme about equality, because many elves think they're better than people; griffins are believed to be horrible monsters when they're actually not; unicorns are seen as inferior to many other creatures; one of my characters is thought of as a witch and an inferior race; and so on and so forth. Then again, it seems this also occurs quite frequently in the book I've been working on for quite a while, so maybe it's not such a new theme after all. Apparently there are parts of my brain that want to rant about this, making stories about some characters being treated unfairly, then proving in my story that all of the characters/species/races/etc. are equal.

So that's my week, written in 50,000 words or more. And is it any wonder that my computer groans and says "Oh no, here comes another insanely long poem or story," every time I click on OpenOffice Writer?

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