Sunday, November 23, 2014


I was talking to one of my friends, and she was saying that she planned to go to sleep soon, even though it wasn't even seven P.M. yet. I make a joke about her hibernating for the winter, and she said 'I wish'. Then again. she's fairly busy and doesn't always get as much sleep as she'd like to.
The idea of hibernating brought something to my mind. If I were to hibernate, I would choose to hibernate during summer. What can I say, I'm not a big fan of hundred degree weather under the blazing sun. Of course, hibernating would mean I spend months asleep, months I could use to read books, write stories, and eat frozen treats like popsicles. So what I would like to do, rather than hibernate, is sprout wings and fly north for the summer. Imagine all your friends complaining to you over the phone about how the weather is 110 F, while you're sitting on the porch staring at the snow and stroking the thick fur of an arctic wolf.
 "Oh, I'm really sorry that the weather is so horrible. And your air conditioning broke down? That must be awful. Anyway, you should see the weather up here. We got sixteen inches of snow, and the mercury in the thermometer froze solid last night. Below fifty degrees last night, it was crazy!"
Of course, if you have a conversation like that with your friend, you might not have them as a friend for long. Here they are, melting in the sun while you're relaxing in an igloo.
Of course, the weather is finally starting to cool down, so it'll be a while before I consider fleeing from hot weather, and hiding in Siberia or Antarctica or something like that. What I will be doing is hoping really hard that it snows this upcoming winter. 

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