Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween, part 2

I recall being at a Halloween event once, and was asked by a parent that my family knew, to take her daughter to the haunted house set up in one of the rooms. She was often scared by such things, but she nevertheless, she wanted to go, perhaps trying overcome her fears. Off I went with the young Kalynn, to a room with a long, long line. I could hear spooky sounds coming from inside, and I remember Kalynn clinging to my arm, quivering. As we came closer to the entrance, a hand would occasionally come out from behind the curtain, grab my ankle for a moment and shake it. I thought to myself that it was a good thing Kalynn was on the other side of me, because if it had been her getting her ankle grabbed, she likely would have shrieked, jumped ten feet into the air, and zoom out of the room without her shoes ever touching the ground. By the time I would get outside, she'd probably be halfway to Tokyo, and I'd have to break the news to her mother that she would never see her daughter again.
Upon finally entering the place, we walked through the passageways, seeing various creepy things, including a headless man. Kalynn said nothing, though she did stay rather close to me, always clinging to my arm. Upon leaving the haunted house, I found her mother, who was waiting at the exit. Kalynn was all too happy to exchange clinging to me for clinging to her mom.

In high school, I went to a Halloween party one of my classmates was having. Many people from our small school were there. There was music and food inside the house, and plenty of lights outside for the people to hang out there. The family holding the party had a number of pets, including various outside cats. While I and some friends were hanging out on the back porch, I happened to notice a big orange tabby lying on a chair. I approached the cat and let it it sniff my hand, then proceeded to totally ignore the human beings around me, instead rubbing the cheek of a happy cat who purred, rubbed its head on my hand, and once or twice licked my hand (it always surprises me how rough their tongues are), while keeping its eyes shut much of the time. The cat and I were in total bliss.
This would have probably continued forever if someone hadn't proceeded to use what I refer to as the 'dive-bomb method' of petting an animal, in which the person reaches down without any warning or introduction. To add insult to injury, the girl's hand didn't just come out of nowhere and descend upon the cat, it reached down and energetically rumpled the tabby fur. The cat, of course, tensed up immediately, and not long after that, it leapt off the chair and went to find somewhere more peaceful. It was very sad, not having a cat there to pet anymore, but after many years of therapy, I'm starting to recover from the heart-breaking experience.
Later on in the evening, I was sitting on a bench, with my friend Sarah on my left, and Trevor and Emily (Trevmily, if you will) on my right. To be more specific, Trevor was sitting on the bench, and Emily was sitting upon his lap. We were chatting, and at one point we girls realized that Trevor had fallen asleep, his head resting on Emily's shoulder. We all giggled at that, except for Trevor who was dead to the world. 

So, what am I doing this year for Halloween? Well, so far I don't have anything planned. Unless by some miracle the SyFy channel has a marathon of The Twilight Zone, the old ones of course because they're the best, or someone calls me last-minute and invites me to some Halloween get-together, I have no real plans for the candy-filled day. My biggest plan is to write about my past Halloween experiences and post about it n my blog. Now isn't that exciting?

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