Saturday, August 22, 2015

Painful Dreaming

There have been instances where something bad happens to a person in their dream, and they feel the pain of it. When they wake up, they still feel the same pain they experienced in their dream. Some say that this pain causes the negative event to occur in the person's dream. Others believe that this pain is caused by the event in their dream; that is, the pain felt is purely psychological and not based on actual illness or injury.
My brother has experienced this a few times, and thinks that the pain is caused by events of the dreams. In one dream he had, he had wings and was flying through the sky. Then the hand of God reached down and tore his wings off. My brother began to fall, then woke to his shoulder blades hurting.
In another dream, my brother was an old man, and his pacemaker exploded inside his chest. He awakened with chest pain, and it took him a moment to remember how to breathe again.

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