Sunday, January 25, 2015

Voice Recognition- Or Not

I watched a brief video online just now. I didn't want to stop listening to my music, so I muted the video and turned the captions on instead.
That was an entertaining mistake. It must have been one of those computerized things that listen to the sound and try to translate it into text. The result was many wrong words, grammar issues, etc. Nothing makes things more confusing than utter gobbledygook constructed by a clueless computer program.
I wonder if that faulty speech recognition software used for the captions is related to the automated phone services. You say something, and the computerized voice says, "I'm sorry. I didn't understand you. Please try again." "Sorry, didn't hear you that time either." "Are you trying to speak Chinese? Let me connect you to a different automated service of eternal migraines."
And they hate my mother. No computer on the face of the earth is capable of comprehending my mom. Why, no one knows. You can tell if she's talking to an automated voice if she says, "Operator. Operator. Operator!"
Technology is wonderful, is it not? So reliable, it works so well... not.

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