Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Night of the Jolly Ranchers

There is a night which some people would wish to forget. It was a night of games, of eating junk food, of childhood fun, of a birthday celebration. It was also a sleepless night, a contrasting mixture of the exhausted and hyper. Come closer, everyone, and I shall tell you the tale.
I was probably in first or second grade. I went to my friend's birthday party. One of my other friends had brought something wonderful to the party. It was a huge bag of Jolly Ranchers, an amazing hard candy in various fruit flavors. Throughout the night, I ate many of these marvelous sweets.
Then it came time for bed. Like kids always do at sleepovers, we stayed up a while longer, talking and giggling despite adults telling us to be quiet and go to sleep. But even after everyone finally became drowsy and begin to fall asleep, I remained wide awake. I wanted to keep talking. I wanted to play some more. I was full of energy; how could they be wanting to rest? I kept trying to wake them, wanting to stay up, not wanting the fun to end. They were annoyed, and wanted me to go away and let them sleep. Even when I finally gave up, I stayed up a while longer, unwilling, unable, to fall asleep.
Since that fateful night, my friend no longer brings enormous bags of candy to any sleepover or other such event that I'll be at. And everyone who was present at that sleepover is still haunted by nightmares of the infamous night of the Jolly Ranchers.

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